How to make rotating yogurt for baby


  • vanilla yogurt
  • Blueberry or strawberry compote, chopped

Method of making rotating yogurt

1. Pour vanilla yogurt into the bottom of a tapered paper cup, about 1/3 cup. Add a small piece of blueberry or strawberry compote. Stir the yogurt clockwise with an ice cream stick to form a swirl. Then add the yoghurt and preserves again and repeat the above operation until the cone paper cup is filled. Finally, insert the ice cream stick in the middle of the yogurt and keep it upright.

2. Put the shaped yogurt in the refrigerator and freeze it.

Homemade baby spin yogurt

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Yoghurt nutrition: When making yogurt, certain lactic acid bacteria can synthesize vitamin C, increase the content of vitamin C, and also provide vitamins, folic acid and phosphoric acid.

Preserved fruit nutrition: The sugar content can be up to more than 35%, and the invert sugar content can account for about 10% of the total sugar content, it is easily absorbed by people. In addition, it also contains fruit acids, minerals and vitamin C.

Efficacy of yogurt: maintain the ecological balance of intestinal flora, form a biological barrier, and inhibit the invasion of harmful bacteria into the intestine. Yogurt contains various enzymes to promote digestion and absorption. By inhibiting the growth of saprophytic bacteria in the intestine, the toxins produced by spoilage are inhibited, so that the liver and brain are protected from these toxins and prevent aging. To improve the immune function of the human body, lactic acid bacteria can produce some substances that enhance the immune function, which can improve the immunity of the human body and prevent diseases.

Fruit preserved fruits: It has the effects of increasing appetite, strengthening the body, nourishing yin and tonifying the deficiency.

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