5 foods prepared for baby weaning

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The ultimate goal of introducing solid food is to provide babies with a variety of real foods, exercise their babies’ chewing and swallowing abilities, and let them learn to enjoy food just like your family. There is a process for the transition from puree and vegetable puree to solid food.

Baby food

Soft fruits

Long, soft-tasting fruits that are easy for the baby to hold, such as bananas, peaches, ripe pears, melons, avocados, strawberries, etc., are good early choices for babies. Among them, avocado and banana are the most popular food for babies.

Baby food soft fruit

Boiled eggs

The protein, iron, and fat in eggs are important sources of nutrition for babies. In daily life, eggs are very easy to buy. Can provide the baby with eggs of different cooking methods, such as boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, egg rolls.

Boiled eggs for baby food

Meat and fish

Cooked meat and fish can provide the baby with iron, protein, fat and other nutrients needed at this stage. Can be made into soft meatballs, shredded beef, or shredded chicken. You will find that babies begin to learn new eating skills and they will start chewing food instead of just sucking as before.

Baby food cold water fish


Cut the bread into long strips, suitable for baby to grasp. You can put a little butter, olive oil, bean paste, or nut paste on the bread sticks to add some extra nutrients. This will be a good breakfast or snack for the baby.

Baby food bread sticks


Broccoli is easy to be pinched by your baby's hands and it is very delicious. In the process of cooking, do not cook broccoli too soft into a paste, this is not easy for the baby to grasp.

Baby food broccoli

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