How to make peach puree for babies

Peaches are rich in β-carotene and potassium. They are sweet and have a very mild taste. They are very popular with babies. Follow our simple step by step instructions, you can make a nutritious peach puree for your baby step by step.

Step 1: Pick and buy peaches

The taste of peaches is very mild and delicious, and can be paired with various other fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry puree. In summer, you can buy fresh and affordable peaches on the market. When picking peaches, you need transparent dark orange peaches with red "blush". And don't choose peaches with broken skin and scratches. One peach can make about 115 grams of peach puree.


Step 2: Wash the peaches

Wash the peaches with a mixture of three parts of water and one part of white vinegar, which can effectively remove bacteria. Then rinse with clean water and dry.


Step 3: Peeling

Pour water into the pot and boil, then put in the peaches. After about 45 seconds, remove the peaches from the boiling water with a colander, and rinse them immediately with cold water or soak them in ice water. In this way, the peach skin is separated from the flesh, and the skin can be peeled off easily.


Step 4: Peel and slice peaches

Use a knife to cut the peach lengthwise around the core, twisting the peach in half. Scoop out the core of the fruit with a spoon. Then cut each half of the peach into small pieces.


Step 5: Crush the peaches

Mash the peach chunks with a grinder. Appropriate amount of cold water can be added (warm water can be added in winter).


Step 6: Feed the peaches

Peach puree is sweet and mild in nature. When paired with other fruits, meat, oatmeal or yogurt, it can give babies a new taste and taste.

Foods that can be paired with peaches are:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Pumpkin
  • Applesauce
  • Pears
  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Yogurt
  • Baby cereal
  • Chicken
  • Beef

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Peach nutrition: peach flesh contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin B1, and organic acids (mainly malic acid and citric acid), sugar (mainly glucose, Fructose, sucrose, xylose) and volatile oil. Each 100 grams of fresh peaches contains 88% of water, 0.7 grams of protein, 11 grams of carbohydrates, and only 180.0 kJ of calories. Peaches are suitable for patients with hypokalemia and iron deficiency anemia.

Efficacy of peach: the gum secreted from the trunk of peach, commonly known as peach gum, can be used as a bonding agent, etc., is a kind of glycan substance, hydrolysis can generate arabinose, galactose, xylose, rhamnose, Glucuronic acid, etc., are edible and medicinal. It has the effects of breaking blood, harmonizing blood and replenishing qi.

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